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                    Talent has opened three channels:
                    Everyone is a talent, talent throughout every corner of society. In order to give full play to local advantages, while widely throughout absorb resources to ensure the leading position xintai construction, the company vigorously open up channels of talented persons:
                    1) the public recruitment
                    2) the majority of college graduates
                    3) behaved reflux staff

                    Adhere to the four principles of employment:
                    Understand: Understanding, understanding, respect, not only Appreciating the table, but also to potential Appreciating;
                    Rongren: create a relaxed environment in which people feel comfortable, do not demand perfection, allowing self-improvement;
                    Employer: providing a stage to display their abilities for each employee, create learning, development, and opportunities for self-realization value;
                    Man: honest, kind, tolerant person, considerate and avoid friction, dedicated, dedicated to the company for the home, with the company of honor.

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